Cosplay at Sakura Con 2011: Part 2 of 4 – The Masquerade

The Cosplay/Masquerade at Sakura Con was done as a theater in the round (or rather, square) with the cosplayers entering on one side and exiting on the other but free to decide their route and method of traversing the square before the viewing judges and MC.  Some danced while others stalked or battled their way across the staging area.  This made for a fun though difficult time for the photographers as the perfect location for one contestant might be the worst for the next.


Many of the costumes were of formidible warriors whether of ages past, modern times, or futuristic fantasies.





While all the contestants had great costumes, one of my favorites was, without a doubt, this family of costumers.  First of all, I loved the fact that the entire family was in costume.  Secondly, every one of them were very well done.  Third, well, I love the Full Metal Alchemist series since I watched the first season a while back (and have had the opportunity to meet several of the voice actors who are great people! – see Tiffany Grant, Caitlin GlassVic Mignonga, Chris Cason, and Todd Haberkorn)  The metal armored Alphonse character brought tears to my eyes a time or two when I was watching it and I usually don’t get misty eyed for animation. 

For those who don’t follow the series, the main characters are Edward and Alphonse Elric (“Don’t run away Al!  Ed loves you!  He is just an idiot!”  LOL)  When their mother was killed the young Ed tried to bring her back through Alchemy but almost killed himself and Al instead.  Ed lost some limbs (replaced with metal prosthetics) while Al was almost lost entirely and Ed bound his spirit to a suit of body armor which he now animates.  The series starts with their journey to restore Al to his original body and that leads to the search for the Philosopher’s Stone (but I digress.)

Another thing that I love about the pair of images of this family is that it shows the marked difference between using flash and using high quality low light lenses in lighting that is less than optimal for photography. The first image was shot with the on camera flash and the background fades into darkness to show how poor the lighting really was in comparison to the camera’s flash, while giving sharp detail to the people in the foreground, it also adds the reflections of the flash and loses the glow of Al’s eyes and the faceplate of the other child while casting eerie shadows on the faces of each family member.

The last reason I love this set of photos is that the alphonse character is a young lady of twelve years who made the costume herself working for months with bondo and other bits and pieces and fashioned it out of love for the anime character. If she’s this good at 12, I am excited to see what she and her siblings come up with in coming years. Surely this will be a family to watch in future masquerades!

While not an actual contestant in the masquerade, this cosplayer was most certainly the toast of the show!

Enjoy the following mini album and for more fun, see the full album on my other site, and check back here soon for parts 3 and 4 of the Sakura Con cosplay review!

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