Gaming at Sakura Con 2011

While I don’t normally comment much on game rooms at a convention as they usually are a minor part of them, I usually do take photos of the game rooms.  To say that Sakura Con had a great game room would be a major understatement.

 Sakura Con had about as much space dedicated to video gaming as some small cons have total floor space.  There were multiple rooms filled with stand up video games, video consoles, projection tvs., etc. pretty much whatever you wanted they had.  There was a Rock Band setup that was more like a small concert hall with chairs set up for an audience to sit in on the concert.  There were drummers and dancers, large screen, small screens, and even a room with old style video games. 

For my part, there was so much going on at Sakura con that playing video games would have been too low on my list to get in any time playing, but the rooms were always busy when I went by and not a person at the con seemed ready to complain about not having anything to do…  Well, except for maybe this fellow who spent his time getting signatures on his sign board petitioning his daughter to not to have to come next year.  According to the sign, if he gets 1,000 signatures he doesn’t have to come back next year.  I gave him my card and asked him to let me know when he comes up with a total but haven’t heard the final tally yet.

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