Vic Mignogna – The Man Behind the Characters, the Character Behind the Man

Vic Mignogna
Vic Mignogna
Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna


When I shot this pic I loved the way the shadow in the background reminded me of an anime character. 

It seemed appropriate to have an anime character shadowing a man that gives them voice. 

While I was shooting the Youma Con in Detroit over the Halloween 2010 weekend I also had the chance to shadow Vic with my camera. 

I came in late, missing the first half of his presentation but got to sit next to him during the screening of the video he showed during the presentation. 

The basic premise of the video was, “What if the voice actors became the characters…” and starts with him in a jammies and fuzzy slippers. 

It was the best con presentation I saw in 2010. 

After that they had an autograph session where the line to get Vic’s sig was huge. 

I was very impressed with his patience with his fans and even moreso, that he sincerely liked and cared for his fans as people and not just his adoring throng. 

Vic Mignogna

Vic talking to a fan on the phone


When one con-goer dialed up their kid and handed him the phone he actually had a look of delight as he chatted with them. 

He also was giving out a CD to folks as they walked by. 

At the time I didn’t know what the CD was and checked into it later. 

It was the “Gospel of John” and is also available on his website as a free download. 

After an hour of shooting pics of Vic and his fans, I went off to shoot other events but checked the schedule for other of Vic’s events. 

I saw that he and Caitlin Glass were having a church service the following morning and made it a point to attend that service. 

He and Caitlin both shared their personal stories of where they came from and how important their faith and love for God and His love for them was in shaping their lives. 

Caitlin Glass and Vic Mignogna

Caitlin Glass and Vic Mignogna leading a church service at Youma Con 2010


I found their stories moving and, at times, humorous. 

It was definitely worth getting up early and attending, even with as little sleep I had gotten the night before. 

So, next time you are at a con with Vic (perhaps Katsu Con this weekend? 🙂 be sure you catch his presentation for a fantastic video and catch the service with him and Caitlin to learn more about the man and lady behind the characters. 

 For more pics of Vic and Caitlin see my web galleries.

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