Jake Rueth is Cube Crazy 2!!!

Over the past couple years I have had the opportunity to attend a number of conventions of various different types and to meet a lot of great people from artists, to voice, stage, television, and movie actors, to just plain fun and interesting folks.  One of them with whom I have repeatedly crossed paths is the artist Jake Rueth of Cube Crazy 2.

Jake is a very sweet, humble, mild mannered fellow from Wisconsin with a degree in art and a penchant for making cute monster characters.  He sees the world with a different focus than most and interprets it into a much more fun and friendly way.  When we chatted at Kitsune Con in Appleton, Wisconsin, he explained how he came up with his piece Stoplight Demons and showed me the real life pic that he based it on.

His artwork has impressed me enough that sometimes when I am walking around I will wonder what Jake would come up with from this scene.  As I was walking around at Sakura Con last weekend I ran into one such scene – this fountain at the Washington State Convention Center.  As I was looking through my pics from Sakura I saw the fountain and it inspired me to take a few minutes to write this up.

When I was contemplating a logo for Weird Review I had a few thoughts that passed through my mind and, though I have training and experience using Adobe Illustrator and have come up with a logo or two, I went to Jake for my current logo.  I brought it up to him at Anime Saint Louis and, although he said he was busy with other clients and such, I got an email a couple days later with an attachment.  I wrote back that I thought it looked great but thought it would be better if the camera were black.  Within minutes I got back what is now my new logo.

As I looked at his Facebook page while writing this I saw that he has been featured in the latest issue of Digital Artist Magazine.  So it was very timely that I was thinking about him and decided to write this article and let him know I am proud to have him as a friend and proud of his accomplishiments (hopefully he will still talk to me now that he has hit the big time!) 

So if you are in the market for a graphic artist that does good quality work, and is fast and creative, get with Jake!  He does great work!  On the other hand, if you are a cute, intelligent, creative lady, Jake is single and he tells me he usually leaves the cons after the artist alleys close because dances and such just aren’t his thing.  He is also, by self admission, on the shy side so ladies, chat Jake up and maybe you can give him a reason to stick around after the alley closes (this message is not approved by Jake Rueth or Cube Crazy 2 but I bet it would make his mother smile!)

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  1. From your con schedule it doesn’t look like you are going to ACEN or World Steam Expo so I am thinking Anime-ZING! and then Wizard World.

  2. This article is fantastic! Thank you so much for the feature! I look forward to seeing you again soon, I’m sure will cross paths again in the cons to come 😉

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