Cosplay at Sakura Con 2011: Part 3 of 4 – Fantasy Fight Tournament

While the Sakura Con Souvenir Guide doesn’t list it under “Cosplay Events” but rather under the Fan Panels, I doubt anyone present thought of it as anything less than Cosplay.  In a sense it was an odd “Free for all” cosplay as the teams that competed against one another could be from different series or of completely different genre.

The teams would collect on opposing sides of the stage and then a player from each team would play Rock, Paper,  Scissors for the first strike position.

Next the team that won the first strike would choose an attacker who would then cross the stage in a dramatic fashion (sometimes a sexy slinking across the stage, stalking their opponent, riding one of their compatriots, or even swinging one of their compatriots as a weapon!) then execute their attack on their chosen victim.  Attacks included sword strikes, kicks, a rainbow attack, a “Kick Me!” sign (followed by a kick), a hug, a kiss, a flower inserted into a rifle, and I believe Superman made an opponent swoon by giving her his phone number.  Also each team was allowed one summoning attack that could bring on most anything, anyone, or a whole group to attack the opponent.  After the initial attack the team that was attacked is now the attacking team and the player that was attacked is now the attacker.

The tournament wasn’t for team that does the most damage and no matter what the attack, it would only do one hit point to the opponent that it struck.  The winner was determined by judges whose votes were based on how impressive, creative, and humorous the attacks were of each team (though I heard one judge say she voted for a team because she felt sorry for them!) 

After the Closing Ceremony I ran into one of the people that had been summoned for one of the summoning attacks and had the pleasure of collapsing on the floor next to her for an interview but more on that later.

In the meantime, enjoy these pics from the Tournament and catch my other site for more!

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