Grayson: Earth One – A popcorn review

"Grayson: Earth One" poster

“Grayson: Earth One” poster

Grayson: Earth One” is writer/director/producer/actor Hisonni Johnson’s retelling of the story of Richard Grayson, aka Nightwing set in a re-imagined Gotham City in the DC comic universe.

Our reviewers are tasked to watch the the videos and write a brief description as their impressions “popped” into their minds and then sum up their opinion with a final kernal of thought expressed in terms of popcorn.

Katie Daniels

Popped – Clever. Unique. Artsy. Alternate timeline. Fascinating. Batman! Gritty. Intense. Compelling. Dramatic. Suspenseful. Surprisingly well-written.

Kernal – “Grayson: Earth One” is fluffy popcorn seasoned to perfection with a hint of bold spice. Not sure yet if I like it, but I definitely want to try some more!

Neil T. Weakley

Popped – Gritty, reimagining, comic book, dramatic, watchable, professional, surprising, well-cast(mostly), compelling, dark, cool, contemporary,

Kernal – Grayson is fresh hot popcorn with just enough butter. I’d eat it, and go back for seconds.

Lesley Scott

Popped – “Grayson: Earth One” Had some nice action and some fun cinematography, but the characters and story needed a little more filling out.

Popped again – “Grayson: Earth One Ep.1.5 “The Boy and The Bullet” (Red Hood Fan Film)” Was dark and eerie. It did a nice job at introducing the characters. And ended with a fun but predictable bang.

Kernal – This half popped bag needs another minute before it’s tasty.

Troy Copes

Popped – This alternate Richard Grayson is one hero that can rival even Bat Man! With high production quality and choice acting, this is one mini-series that is anything but small!

Kernal – With every kernel popped, get the salt and butter ready for this one!

John N. Collins

Popped: Excellent sound, video, & post work, great music, spot on acting, interesting concept, engrossing presentation, well choreographed, well paced, fun!

Kernal – Hot popped action, well seasoned and delicious!  May I have another bag?

Conclusion: We’re intrigued and want more!  Watch it for yourself and see if you agree.

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