2010’s Best Comedy Troop – The Damsels of Dorkington!

At Gen Con Indy 2010 the visitors were set to witness the battle of the century as the Lovely Ladies of Laughter (Danielle, Rissy, Blythe, and Jeff! Don’t let the name fool you.  One of the “Damsels” is a guy in drag.  Come to think of it, he was the only one playing the lady parts.  But trust me, any guy with a decent pair of eyes and heterosexual inclination would gladly put on a dress to hang with these gorgeous gals!) challenged William Shakespeare to a battle to the DEATH!!!

Unfortunately the battle was cancelled due to the untimely death (well, not really untimely, but apparently the news took awhile to get to Gen Con) of William Shakespeare!!!

Fortunately the Damsels of Dorkington were very much alive and performed to the delight of Gen Con Indy 2010  audiences.

Imagine your favorite flavors all put together and mixed in a blender and served to you for a tasty snack (might be good together or just really weird.)
The Damsels do the literary equivalent, taking some of the best parts from Shakespearean plays and modern horror movies, and tossing in some slapstick, adding a dollop of decidedly dorky cultural cliches and a bit O’ bawdiness and whipping up a literary masterpi…  Well, they are really funny anyhow.

They had me laughing so hard I fell over backwards laughing (I should add that Danielle was towering over me pretending to be a hungry velociraptor at the time.)

Thursday night their show was Hamlet vs. MacBeth: The Shakespearean Smackdown, Friday night, A Midsummer Nightmare’s Scream on Elm Street 13, and Saturday night, last but not least, All’s Weird That Ends Weird.

I have attended quite a few conventions and have seen a number of shows, but to date I haven’t seen better.

Not only are these darling damsels decidedly delightful, dorkumentarians denote details of definite dorkiness (sorry about that!)  Jeff is known dignitary possessing the title of Ambassador and that is not just in name.  He can be found listed and active in his duties as an Xboxian Ambassador on the official Xboxian website

His lovely lady of love (oh, did I mention that Jeff and Blythe are an item?) Blythe loves sparkly vampires, is a swing dancer (sign up for her swing dance classes now!) and can kill with her brain (ok, dorkumentarians are split on that issue.  Some are skeptical while others would believe anything a woman that pretty would say.  They are agreed that, if she can, then they really don’t want to piss her off.) 

Danielle delights in DC Comics, enjoys ren faires, belly dances, has pink nunchucks, does mockumentaries on sparkly vampires and is absolutly adorable. 

Last but not least, Rissy does genetic research as an Undergraduate Researcher at Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

The Damsels of Dorkington are Number 1 in my book and definitely the best of 2010!

If you can’t wait until Gen Con 2011 to see more or if, perish the thought, you can’t make it to the con, check out their website!

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