‘Hell and Back’: Horror, humor, and hints with Nick Swardson

Hell and Back” will be hitting the theaters tomorrow, Friday October 2nd, and will be starring Nick Swardson as Remy. If you liked the dark beauty of “Nightmare Before Christmas” but thought it would be better with a demented “Robot Chicken” twist, you are going to love this movie.

“Hell and Back” pulls out all the stops in stop motion video and flies twisting into Hell. It promises adult content that will be mature in rating but not in humor.

The comedic talents of the filmmakers, including Ross Shuman and Tom Gianas, are rooted in such classics as Chicago’s Second City and Saturday Night Live and matured or, perhaps, fermented on the storyboards and sets of MTV and Comedy Central.

The cast includes stars such as Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon, and Nick Swardson. Remy, played by Nick, and his friends make and break a pact with the devil and go to Hell and back.  From our recent interview with Nick Swardson at Wizard World in Chicago the look and the tone of the movie are so amazing it is insane. The content pushes beyond the barriors of adult stop motion entertainment in a “comedy orgasm.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Nick let his fans in on a little secret… He is entirely made of wood.  He is truly a son of a birch. Was this just a humorous side note from the humorist or is there more to it than that?  Who might be a good match for this wooden fellow?  More on that later with a look at the interview with Corey Campodonico.

So check out the interview with Nick and for fans of horror humor, this film is a must see. Also, if you are in the LA/Hollywood area this weekend come to Raleigh Studios for more thrillers, horror, and sci fi films and festivities at Shriekfest where you can see this writer handing out the Best Science Fiction Feature Film award!

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