The Weird Review is now new and improved with more Marlar!


The Weird Review is proud to announce it is new and improved with More Marlar!  What is Marlar?  Marlar is not a what but a who!  Darren Marlar does several shows and we are picking up a couple as regular features on The Weird Review.  

During the week Darren does a show, The Daily Dose of Weird News where he collects all sorts of weird and interesting tidbits from the daily news and adds his humorous twist.

On Fridays Darren collects other tales of the darker side of weird and narrates them for your listening pleasure in his Friday show, Weird Darkness.

So check in regularly for his Daily Dose of Weird News and on the weekends give a listen to his tales of Weird Darkness!

If you enjoy his works, stop by his Facebook and give him a like!

About the author

Weird AKA John Collins

John N. Collins is a writer, photographer, game & coloring book designer and a bad dancer. Any resemblance to the King John character is merely a coincidence. Follow John N. Collins: YouTube Facebook Fan Page Facebook Personal Account Instagram Twitter