A Popcorn Review of Matthew Solomon’s Chatter

“Chatter” is a new film written, directed, and produced by Matthew Solomon.

The cast includes:

Brady Smith (“Criminal Minds”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Dinner at Tiffani’s”)
Sarena Khan (“Johnny’s Sweet Revenge”, “Cavemen”, “Naughty or Nice”)
Tohoru Masamune (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Inception”)
Richard Hatch (Acting legend from: “Battlestar Galactica” old and new series)
Alison Haislip (“Attack of the Show”, “Mega Shark vs Kolossus”, “Team Unicorn”)

Our reviewers are tasked to watch the the videos and write a brief description as their impressions “popped” into their minds and then sum up their opinion with a final kernal of thought expressed in terms of popcorn.

Troy Copes
Popped – Realistically freaky, this film has you running around turning every light on in your home while you watch!
Kernel – You will just about butter your popcorn.

John R. White
Popped – Honest, and real, awesome, top quality, gripping, brilliant.
Kernal – “Chatter defied my expectations and is a perfect buttered bucket of hot popcorn. After filling up I noticed that there was not a single unpopped corn. Please sir, can I have more?

Billy Stuart aka Scary Dad
Popped: Organic, Raw, Suspenseful, Scary
Kernel: Get some popcorn so you won’t bite off your fingernails.
Check out his full review!

Count Gregula
Popped: Frightfully freaky film
Kernal: It made my fangs flare!

For our reviewers, “Chatter” was a great pic, so if you are a fan of horror or the paranormal, definitely check out “Chatter!”

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