The Mint Chocolate Chippies – The Cutest, Classiest, Best Cosplaying Pinups of 2010

Among the many pleasures of Gen Con Indy 2010 were the many neat people in the exhibition hall.  As I wandered the Gen Con exhibition hall the last hour or so of the convention I had several pleasant surprises including meeting the Mint Chocolate Chippies!

These two lovely pinup models take their names from combining the colors of Mary Mint’s gorgeous mint green eyes and Pepper Mint’s chocolate brown eyes into a name worthy of the sweet feast for the eyes that they are.

When I met them they were dressed in silvery jumpsuits as astronauts from a fifties flick complete with high heeled boots, booster packs for getting around in space, and rayguns.

I was dazzled by the retro sci fi cosplays the were wearing and then delighted by their sweetness as we chatted.

If you have a sweet tooth for their brand of mint chocolate cuteness check out their website and facebook!

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Weird AKA John Collins

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