Ushi Con 2011 –

Solusod and Dougherty
Micah “Soul Eater Evans” Solusod and Pam Dougherty at Ushi Con 2011

I love smaller conventions for the intimacy of them.

You can go into them a total stranger and walk out with many new friends.

That is not to say I don’t like the larger cons, but you can get lost in the crowd and  at the larger conventions the celebrities do their panels and presentations and then disappear into the green room (alright, I often get to go into the green rooms at cons but that isn’t the point. 😉
At the smaller cons the celebrities often hang with the con goers and we walk away having made friends with those we look up to and who entertain us.
It also lets the voice actors see whats out there on the other side of the booth.
At Ushi Con I ran into Pam and Micah just outside one of the panel rooms at Ushi Con and asked them to get a pic.
We joked around a bit and I saw the “exit” sign down the corridor and thought a shot of them trying to escape the paparazzi would be fun and so we did.
At another point Micah stood in as one of the contestants in a drawing contest and showed he can draw a darn good “Cat Girl” stick figure.
During the panel on voice acting Pam and Micah entertained the audience with tales of the booths at Funimation (and Pam entertained Micah as well!)
Pam also did a wonderful imitation of  one of the characters she plays – Madame Christmas – from Full Metal Alchemist (AKA Chris Mustang – Aunt/Foster Mother of Roy Mustang 🙂
So if you are in Texas when Ushi Con is happening in 2012, it will be a nice intimate weekend with a few hundred soon to be friends.
Don’t miss it!
For more pics of Pam, Micah, and others at Ushi Con check out my Ushi Con 2011 photo gallery.
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