An urgent appeal from Aurelio Voltaire

Voltaire at Up in the Aether 2013
Voltaire at Up in the Aether 2013

It is rare when a man speaks well of his ex-wife and even more rare when he will reach out on her behalf to assist her.  Today the message of a remarkable fellow, singer, song writer, artist, author, Aurelio Voltaire, popped up on Facebook with such a request:

“Can I have your attention for a moment for something ACTUALLY really important that will change lives in a VERY real way???

My ex-wife and very dear friend, Jayme is selling the wedding dress she wore at our wedding. She’s been to India several times in the last couple of years and was affected very deeply by the phenomenon of violent attacks against women there. Many of these women have no education, no vocation and presumably are waiting for the day when they will meet theright man for whom they can be a devoted, loving wife and mother to their children. The problem is, when they are then sexually attacked by no fault of their own, no man will ever marry them. They are left futureless. Jayme, desperate to find a way to help, decided that she’d round up supplies and teach these girls to cut hair (Jayme is a licensed cosmetologist). That way, they’d have a means to support themselves and a future, much brighter than begging in the streets. Absolutely 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the dress are going to making this endeavor a reality. And incidentally… the dress is GORGEOUS!!!! Won’t you please have a look and if it’s not something you’d be interested in, will you please take a moment to pass it along to someone who might enjoy owning this amazing dress… At the same time, the future owner will truly be making a difference in the lives of some young women who simply do not deserve what has happened to them.

Thank you! There are much better photos on the Ebay page!!! Here’s the link

Later he posted another link for those of use who are not interested in buying a dress.  So if you are not interested in buying the beautiful wedding dress that was worn by Voltaire’s ex-wife but want to donate, check out her Gofundme campaign!

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