The News Show Episode 0.4

In this episode the Nuz Show crew discuss The Olde World Village after Leslie and Adam return from a visit with the gods.  John tells about his trip to Chicago for Anime Midwest and a surprise visit to Exxxotica, the erotica convention next door and meeting the wonderful people at the XXX Church.  Laura gives an update on the upcoming “Second Hand Models” competition.  Meanwhile, everyone enjoys pizza and Doug plays trombone with the camera when he isn’t over acting.
Why “Nuz?”  “Nuz” is a Chinese word for “cool.”  We aren’t presenting breaking news here but hopefully you will find some good, cool fun and interesting stuff in our Nuz Room!
Why episode 0.4?  As a production team we are learning to work with each other and we know we are not yet at a professional level from cameras, cast, crew to copyediting.  So as we learn to work with one another, the equipment, and to compile it, we are considering this season 0 and are making it available to you, the viewer.

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Weird AKA John Collins

John N. Collins is a writer, photographer, game & coloring book designer and a bad dancer. Any resemblance to the King John character is merely a coincidence. Follow John N. Collins: YouTube Facebook Fan Page Facebook Personal Account Instagram Twitter