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Premise:        A model competition in which the cast are given a minimal budget ($20 per store at both stores) and must purchase their wardrobe at second hand shops.  After they assemble their wardrobes, they have a photoshoots and a runway show.  As the shows run, the models will work to promote their own pictures and videos via social media.  Voting via social media will factor into the determination of the winner.

  • 1) Interviews – meeting the competitors
  • 2) Shopping at a low end second hand shop (St. Vincent de Paul)
  • 3) Shopping at a higher end second hand/consignment shop (The Urban Exchange Epic Sale)
  • 4) Photoshoots in their outfits
  • 5) Gala runway model show at the Celebration Cinema

Episodes 1-4 are shot and into the hands of the editor.  Episode 5 is scheduled for October 23, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Woodland Mall Celebration Cinema and will be $10 at the door or prepay online  Seating will be limited to 100 unless there are 100 prepays.  Due to technical difficulties the venue has been changed to the Atomic Vixens’ studio at 447 Century Avenue.  

Theme song:            “Second Hand Sexy” composed for the show by Manolo Boudet

Locations: WKTV Studio Wyoming, Michigan, St Vincent de Paul’s Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Urban Exchange Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Atomic Vixen’s Studio Grand Rapids, Michigan and Celebration Cinema, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


The Second Hand Models

Sõnya Hernandez

Sõnya Hernandez

A proud Mexican American educator, Doctoral student, mother of two and Governor appointed member of Michigan’s Hispanic, Latino Commission.  She grew up as a second hand shopper due to poverty and now embraces it as a lifestyle.



Destiny Driftmeyer

Was shaped by her attendance at the Toledo School for the Arts where she studied Visual Art, Photography, Ethnic Percussion, Technical Theater and Yoga.  She is a full time promotional model and a fashion guru.  She loves thrifting and pairing together vintage pieces with today’s modern vibe for use in photoshoots.




Heather Lobbezoo

 A wife mom, Civil War reenactor, and engineering student.  She loves color as well as the Victorian and Steampunk styles.  She wants to show that a mom can be stylish even on a really tight budget.




Emily Doney

A stay at home mommy to a 4.5 year old spitfire and proud wife of a Michigan National Guard Soldier.  She is the owner of an online cosmetic business, Carpe Noctem Cosmetics, making custom nail polish.  She likes to sew, dye second hand clothes, cook, sing, dance and about a quadrillion other things, usually all at once.




Marie Klosowski

A casual cosplayer who goes by “Ruheil Kuro” with interests in singing, crafting, and nature photography.  More often working with stone, wire, and chainmail but is pretty handy with a sewing machine and duct tape.  While cosplaying, photographers often told her she should be a model.  She decided the Second Hand Model competition would be a great opportunity to experience it.




Kelsey Dunneback

A Central Michigan University graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a love for second hand shopping.  She finds it a challenge and inspiration to her creativity mixing different pieces she might not have otherwise considered.  She is a Marketing Specialist for Cat Footwear, a division of Wolverine Worldwide.  She also writes her own blog, Lady in Menswear, where she shares her love for fashion.  She wants to inspire people to get creative with their clothing, explore their options and express themselves through their clothes.


The Crew:

Laura Earle – Casting Director, model wrangler, Associate Producer, second hand fashionista, model and organic cosmetician.

Leslie Vaas – Associate Producer, Director, camera operator and crew wrangler.

Adam Sorensen – Associate Producer, camera operator, logistics specialist and male model.

Doug “Styles” Rowland – Camera operator, editor and the voice behind the face.

Travis Mandenberg – Camera operator.

James Keating – Photographer, mentor and creative consultant.

John N. Collins – Creator, Executive Producer, and pizza delivery driver.

About the author

Weird AKA John Collins

John N. Collins is a writer, photographer, game & coloring book designer and a bad dancer. Any resemblance to the King John character is merely a coincidence. Follow John N. Collins: YouTube Facebook Fan Page Facebook Personal Account Instagram Twitter