Hit by a Mack Truck? Really!

Ambulance Selfie by John N Collins
Ambulance Selfie by John N Collins
Ambulance Selfie by John N Collins

Ambulance Selfie by John N Collins

People were thinking I was joking earlier this week. My life is weird enough that I really don’t need to make things up. Wednesday I spoke at the Michigan State Civil Services Commission on Discrimination and the Violation of Civil Rights by the State of Michigan administration.

Thursday I was hit by a Mack Truck while working. Specifically by a garbage truck that ran a red light at the corner of M-37 and 6 Mile Road in Alpine Township. I was crossing the intersection after waiting for the green light. I was running back to the office after taking an application from a client. I was going to stop at the business across the intersection and use the bathroom before I took the application back to the office.

There were a couple cars in the right lane of M-37 (to my left) that had stopped for the light. I proceeded to cross but the Mack Truck in the left lane was probably going 55 MPH and plowed right into me.

Honestly I only remember a flash of light and a boom and then I remember seeing a field in front of me through the windshield and a smoking dashboard. I don’t believe there is a connection between the accident and speaking against the State of Michigan administration violating clients’ civil rights and other laws, but it is an awfully uncomfortable coincidence.  Well an exceedingly painful coincidence actually.

People on my Facebook questioned the veracity of my simple statement that, “I feel like I was just hit by a garbage truck. Actually they tell me I was” and some are a bit incredulous that I would  take the time to post a selfie when I was on the way to the hospital in the ambulance.  I was in intense pain (even as I am now) and having trouble breathing due to broken ribs.  Not exactly the prime selfie time but I knew that my 81 year old mother would be checking on me as I had accidentally dialed her when I was calling my boss to let him know I had totaled the car and was taking the afternoon off for an ambulance ride.  Later she said she checked in with my brother who assured her I looked ok from the Instagram pic.  Mom was reassured.

So for those who have been waiting expectantly for pics from recent events, I have been working frantically in my spare time to prepare for presenting on violations of laws and Civil Rights by the State of Michigan and the need to establish a centralized reporting/tracking system for reporting discrimination and Civil Rights issues.  I was working on posting on that Wednesday night after the Civil Service Commission meeting but decided to wait until Thursday night.  It won’t take much but after being hit by a Mack truck I am a bit on the weak side.  I actually felt better right afterwards than I feel now, but I think I may have been in shock.

At any rate, sorry for the delay on this as well as other things this year.  Three relatives dying in three months starting with Dad in April, pushing for the state to recognize the issues and its need to change what the Michigan Department of Civil Rights termed, “Systemic Rascism” and other issues have had me mentally/emotionally low.  Adding a slamming by a garbage truck just magnifies things a bit.  So a word of encouragement would be nice.  You can find me on


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