MoonPie over Mobile 10th anniversary

The New Year's Eve MoonPie drop in Mobile, Alabama
The New Year's Eve MoonPie drop in Mobile, Alabama

The temperatures were low, but the spirit of New Years was high as thousands of Mobile’s residents took to the streets to celebrate the new year with the dropping of the 600-pound electric Moon Pie. Adding to the excitement, Mobile also celebrated the 100th anniversary for the creation of the MoonPie.

As the second line parade began shouts and laughter could be heard as people march down the street holding colorful banners, parasols, and lights. Spectators joined the marchers coming from the sidewalks to join the parade in the street. 

While the parade marched on, the worlds largest edible MoonPie was being cut and served to the shivering attendees, a tasty reward for braving the cold. Hundreds waited in line for a piece of the MoonPie before heading to the stage to watch The Springs and George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic close out the year with some Alabama flavor and funky electrifying performances.

The night ended with the MoonPie dropping from the RSA Trustmark building located in the city’s downtown.