Why Weird?


My mother says, “Our family collects weird.” Usually when she says that she is talking about people in specific. One thing I have learned from mom is that weird can be good, beautiful, wonderful, exciting, and just plain fun!

I won’t bore you, dear reader, with an entire history of my family, but suffice it to say that we are all readers and all my siblings have worked (still ongoing for some) in the comics and games industry (*Ka-ching* “That will be $14.99. Thanks for coming and have a great day!” 🙂 

As a child I saw artistic/creative talent in my siblings and mother but could never draw a decent stick figure myself and felt such things were just not meant for me until a few years back in a church service where the preacher spoke on the first chapter of Genesis on a topic that had never occurred to me before that sermon. 

He said, “In the beginning God Created the heavens and the earth…” And then, “and God created Man in His image…” 

He went on to explain that the first thing we read about God is that He is a creator and that we are to be a reflection of Him and that it is His desire for us to be creative much as He is. In effect when we seek to create there is a part of us that is seeking to follow in His footsteps and we are both worshipping Him. 

At that point I began to study graphics, photography, and video. 

My studies led me to spending time working with a fantastic photographer in New Orleans name Syndey Byrd (recipient of the 2010 Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities photographer of the year award) during the 2010 Mardi Gras season. I learned much for her while I did her digital editing and assisted her during the parades. 

When I returned from New Orleans I contacted a local magazine, wanting to do some freelance photography. While I figure I should get a response anytime now, I may as well give it a try myself. 

This site/magazine is dedicated to Mom and God for leading me in weird directions, and to those wonderfully weird people who have influenced me over the years including the photographers James Keating, Syndey Byrd, Brian Epstein, Len Collins and my family who sometimes just roll their eyes but love me anyhow, Jack Lee – a dear friend who will lovingly rip the life out of my creative efforts and then tell me how to improve them, also to Troy Veenstra and Nny Lemings for helping me with this project, to the many wonderfully weird people at the events I attend, and to you, dear reader, who have made it to this point in my narrative. 


A.D. 1/19/2011

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Weird AKA John Collins

John N. Collins is a writer, photographer, game & coloring book designer and a bad dancer. Any resemblance to the King John character is merely a coincidence. Follow John N. Collins: YouTube Facebook Fan Page Facebook Personal Account Instagram Twitter

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