Mardi Gras, the American Legion, and Veets in Mobile

Friendly faces on the street

Friendly faces on the street – more photos from Veet’s

On the twenty seventh of January after shooting the afternoon parades this writer had the fortune of meeting some parade goers from Panama City Beach, Florida.  These fine American Legionnaires had rented the upstairs room at Veet’s bar in Mobile, Alabama and extended an invitation to join them.

Riding in the rain - more pics

Riding in the rain – more pics

Since it was raining and they had a balcony it seemed expedient to join them for the evening rather than dodging raindrops in the street.  It also provided, a dry, comfortable place to wait for the Pharaohs, Order of Hebe, Conde Explorers krewes to parade past.

Food and fellowship in the Veet's upper room

Food and fellowship in the Veet’s upper room

In addition to food and fellowship, the fine folks from Panama City Beach provided an umbrella and space on their balcony to shoot some pics and video so check out the video and if you like the video subscribe to us on YouTube!


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