Lambert’s Cafe in Foley, Alabama

After hearing about Lambert’s Home of the throwed Rolls I finally had to try it.  They are known for hand tossed rolls (they literally toss them to you!) and their other sides that they walk around and offer to the diners.  Before I had even looked at the menu I had a roll tossed my way followed by apple butter and okra.

The menu isn’t huge but it has an interesting selection of favorites and a few specialties.  Today the rib-eye steak with shrimp is on special but I decided to try their home made pot pie with two sides.  I asked if the potpie would be filling she assured me they would bring me a second if I was still hungry.

They had the standard sides like fries, baked potato, mashed potatoes, etc. but I wanted to try something new.  So I got the white beans and turnip greens.  I am not big on cooked greens so It was no surprise that after a bite or two my nose had to turnip on the greens.  They may be good greens but that will have to be judged by those who like greens.

The white beans?  Awesome!  The first bit was delicious and with further digging in I came across large chunks of ham.  They told me when I ordered them that I could get something else if I didn’t like the greens.  A double dose of white beans is in order.

I mentioned to the waitress that I wanted to trade the greens for more white beans and that the potpie was delicious.  She asked if I wanted another one and a new potpie was waiting with the white beans when I returned from a quick trip to the restroom.

When the waitress said that I would get a second if the first potpie wasn’t filling enough I responded, “sounds like a challenge!”  The second potpie is also loaded to the top of the crust with big chunks of chicken, green peas, and carrots.  All the while folks have been coming by with fresh rolls and passarounds like black eyed peas, fried okra, fried potatoes, and other southern delights.

The meals run from $10 to $25 with the potpie at $13 so it is a reasonably priced, sit down restaurant for your vacation on the gulf coast beaches.  If you want a nice, quiet business or romantic dinner, this probably isn’t the place but for food, fun and plenty of it, Lambert’s Cafe is a great place to spend a meal.

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