The Night Before Youma Con

The Night Before Youma Con 2019
The Night Before Youma Con 2019
Youma Con 2019 Early Bird Celebrants

Youma Con 2019 hits the Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall in Detroit on November first but for eager con goers, Halloween was the time to make the scene.

The Early Bird Halloween Rave at Youma Con 2019

Cosplayers met at the Cobo Hall to pick up their badges early and then made their way to some early bird adventures like the Halloween Rave in the Renaissance Center.

Others caught early bird panels on Anime, Sonic, the Minions or went to the 24 hour table top gaming room.

Whether the early birds were dancing, observing events, dining in the food court or gaming, cosplay permeated the scene.

So if you are in the Detroit area this Halloween weekend, head over to the Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall, pick up a day or weekend pass and have some cosplay fun at Youma Con 2019

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More will be added over the weekend so check back!

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