Celebrity Sightings at Motor City Comic Convention 2011


As I slowly walked down the hallway of the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan this afternoon I was impressed that the long line stretched on forever and hoped that I wouldn’t have to turn back and wait in the long line.  It moved along pretty rapidly but still I was hoping not to have to go through it.  Fortunately the day pass I had was quickly exchanged for a wrist band and in short order I was in and wandering around.

There were creatures of myth, legend, fantasy, and even the elusive Tenney.

 The lovely lady Angelique asked that I look for her online for the WRIF Rock Girl competition and put in my vote for her.  I couldn’t turn down such a lovely lady and so I did and am passing it on to you.

I also had the pleasure of seeing the lovely Megan Derwich.  In addition to winning second place in her section of the Motor City Comic convention masquerade, she just returned from the race track in Indianapolis, Indiana where she and her team of Western Michigan University engineering students took fifth place in the solar powered car race!  Congratulations Megan!

Cindy Morgan, from Tron and Caddyshack, was there and mentioned she is writing a book on the background story of Caddyshack.  Mike Holman was there promoting his new movie Mountain Mafia though he couldn’t give me a scheduled release date as it has already been delayed twice.  Adding a local actor to the mix was Antonio Mireles who was in Clint Eastwood’s Grand Torino and has an audition Monday.  Mr. Mireles couldn’t tell me what the part was he is auditioning for but I am keeping my fingers crossed, saying a prayer, and hoping for great things for him!


I saved some of the best for last so take a peek at the following pics and I am sure you will see some of your favorites.

The show isn’t over so come on down and see the stars if you are in the area and if not, there’s more to come!

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