Motor City Comic Convention 2011 – A quick look

This past weekend I had the privilege and pleasure of visiting the Motor City Comic Convention in Novi, Michigan.  MCCC was a great con with a fun masquerade and other events, but ,overwhelmingly, what MCCC had was Star Power.  They had Star Power by the bus loads!

For HBO’s True Blood lovers, they had Pam (Kristin Bauer – also in L.A. Law, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Dark Angel, Two and a Half Men, Star Trek: Enterprise, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Desperate Housewives, George Lopez and others) who spoke in one of the conference panels.

Another panel I attended had Brent Spiner and George Takei talking about Star Trek (more on that later!)

Another huge star who I had the privilege and pleasure of chatting with is Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap, Battlestar Galactica, etc. and a musician and artist!) and his wife (wife?  Nowhere I looked on the Internet said he remarried, but she even showed me her rings!  Am I the only one who knows???) who was also lovely and delightful!

Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch, and Herbert Jefferson Jr. were there representing the original Battlestar Galactica.

Julian Glover (from such movies as Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones) was there and having a good time.  I caught him mugging for pics with some of the costumed characters that attended the con.

I even got my pic shot with the ever lovely Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson from Lost in Space) and the adorable Cindy Williams (Laverne and Shirley and American Graffiti.  Cindy’s table was busy every time I went by and I didn’t get to meet her until the con was officially over!)

I had the pleasure of a long chat with Dawn of the Dead’s Machete Zombie, Leonard Lies.  We talked on various topics including religion.  It was neat to discover that the machete zombie is a devout Christian that attends adult Sunday School/Bible Study and services.  We were chatting at the end of the show and he glanced at the time, expressing that his assistant was supposed to fill in so he could get his son a gift.  So I ended up filling in at his table while he ran to get it.

Mike Holman (JackAss) was also there with a few lovly ladies in costumes.  Where does he find them?

John Tenney (Paranormal State: The New Class) was there with his beautiful girlfriend and it was entirely not creepy and actually quite sweet, watching him get googlie eyed while sitting there with her.

Before I got to MCCC I had read Mr. Tenney’s Tweet that he was next to an Ewok at MCCC.  So when I found him I also found the lovely Lydia Green from Star Wars and Under the Rainbow.  After I shot a couple pics I asked her if she wanted to do a couple fun ones and I laid down on the concrete floor and shot one looking up at her and then things got crazy and it was an attack of the Ewok as I looked up at her towering over me and making funny faces  as we both laughed.  It was with a heavy sigh and a sad heart that I got a pic of her and her gentleman friend and husband, Marvin…  Sadly, all the good ones are taken!

Even now I have just scratched the surface as there were many other movie and television stars, writers, and artists including one of my favorites, Larry Elmore and his lovely assistant.

[I have been a bit slow on the draw on posting pics and writing about it due to an abscessed tooth that blew up over the weekend and knocked me off my feet.  I had surgery yesterday and am still in a bit of a pain and medication induced fog but just saw that I have already had a lot of search hits that show that people are coming to my site looking for more about it, so bear with me if my writing isn’t up to par on this but I wanted to have more for those who are coming for MCCC.  I will probably write a few more detailed posts later but for now I am going to touch on some of the many high points of the con]

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