The ACEN 2011 Masquerade – and the winner is?

The ACEN 2011 Masquerade – and the winner is?

The winner of the ACEN 2011 Masquerade was, without a doubt, the audience as judged by a jury of its peers.  After a few minor glitches, like a celebrity judge not showing, the ACEN masquerade proceded flawlessly.

The show was MCed by the cosplay award winning sisters, Laura and Alena of And Sewing Is Half The Battle, who brought beauty, elegance, and humor to the stage throughout the show.

One of the Judges, Amanda, is a professional costumer and works for Disney but comes up for ACEN.  The last minute judge substitutions were Mark from And Sewing Is Half The Battle and Michelle, also affiliated with And Sewing Is Half The Battle.  To round things out, Jon, the Masquerade Department Head, served on the sound board and popped up on stage a time or two.

The audience was treated to a parade of beautiful costumes and clever skits liberally salted with the spicey comments of the MCs.  While the votes were being tabulating and the judges conferred, last years MCs came on stage and took over for the intermission.

When the judges returned they announced the many winners.  After seeing her at Kawa con and Anime Saint Louis, I was happy to see the lovely Wei He winning a new sewing machine from Arda Wigs.  I am looking forward to seeing what she can do with it!

For a few hundred more pics from the ACEN Masquerade check out my ACEN Masquerade gallery.

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