Motor City Comic Convention 2011 – The Masquerade

I have had the pleasure of photographing a number of Masquerades at conventions as well as in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  Some are run with the precision of a Broadway show and highly competitive with great prizes and others not so much where anyone and everyone can join in the fun.  The masquerade at the Motor City Comic Con was a nice blend, starting with several adorable kids in costume. 

The MC was wearing a beautiful Thor costume and the judges stand included The Joker (Mark LeMieux of Platypus Productions) and Super Ma… Super Gir…  A Super Model in a black Super Suit and Ruth Flynn of Flynn Casting between them to make them behave.

The parade of characters began with a Green Lantern, a supergirl, and a Batman with Thor, the MC, bemoaning the lack of Marvel characters.

Multiple Wonder Women, Batman, and others spun or kicked their way across the stage.

Later Peter from the Family Guy sneaked across the stage.

There was even a lovely fairy floating across the stage.

One of my Disney favorites, the Rocketeer, with full rocket pack jetted past.

When I least expected it, a beautiful, green, swamp creature hopped off the stage and had me shivering in my boots…  With laughter!

While the Judges conferred I wandered the audience.

To my surprise I encountered a vacationing storm trooper.   All in all the masquerade was a fun time and a delightful success!  Here are a few more photos from the Motor City Comic Convention but for a lot more, check out my photo album.

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