A Beautifully Brilliant Baker at Katsu Kon 2011!

A Beautifully Brilliant Baker!
A Beautifully Brilliant Baker!
A Beautifully Brilliant Baker!

A Beautifully Brilliant Baker!

When I go to cons I am always impressed by the various costumes.

When I look around, whether or not I can pinpoint the cosplay, the series or theme is often apparent.

I will look around and think, “Dragonball Z, Full Metal, Dragonball Z, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon…”

Sometimes though, I see a costume and think, “What the???”

I love those, “What the???” moments.

When I saw Aaren from a distance I had one and had to quicken my pace to catch her and find out what she represented.

I caught up to her and asked to take her pic while scanning over her costume.

It was that of a baker carrying a cake and the monogram announced her as a baker for Aperture Laboratories.

If you have never played the game Portal you may not be familiar with the name but it is a very clever cosplay.

In Portal the player is led about a maze in search of escape and the lure of an elusive “Cake” as a reward.

If you have ever heard the expression, “The cake is a lie!” it comes from Portal.

She was wanting to do homage to her favorite game with her cosplay for Katsu con and saw that nobody had ever touched the “Cake” part of Portal.

Initially she looked at becoming the cake but then, instead, created the Baker character as any cake needs a baker and the Aperture Labs baker would be a very special baker indeed!

She created the cake by gluing foam rings together then wrapping them with quilt batting and felt.  She also cut holes in it for speakers and had it reading the recipe for “The Cake!”

For the Personality Core she took a foam ball, Hollowed it and shaped it, covered it with plaster, sanded it smooth, spray painted it, then installed the LED lights on a cardboard disk and put it inside the ball, affixing it with Silicone and then sealing it over with thick plastic to dim the lights a bit.

She said the whole thing only took two weeks to make!

Aaren is a college student and Barista from Lancaster, PA. and has been cosplaying for five years when she attended her first convention in 2006.

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