Weird Review’s 2010 Talk Show Host of the Year!

If you were to rip a Scottish Bard out of the pages of myth and history and transport them through time and space into 20th century America what would happen? He would probably find a pub and get stoned for 20 years, marry Drew Carey and then, when he sobered up in the 21st century he would apply for US Citizenship, get a job with CBS and be the Weird Review’s Best Talk Show Host of 2010! And the winner is??? CRAIG FERGUSON!

But wait! Is this appropriate for a site that posts articles to accompany the photos and document the travels of an event photographer who has never been to Craig’s show? The thought has been going through my mind for a while as I have been sitting and working on my site, my photos, my articles and humming the friendly tune from Craig’s show or laughing at the antics of Craig, Geoff, and the naughty bunny.

I mean, sure, Craig is the funniest talk show host on American T.V. but he isn’t even an American! Oh, but wait! Yes, he is and in fact he is an American by choice and is a better American than most because he actually read the stuff that every American is supposed to know and he scored 100% on the test!

As a well studied American, he practices the freedom and equality inherent in Democracy so much better than the rest of the U.S. talk show hosts. He doesn’t descriminate on the basis of race, religion, social status, or politics. He offends everyone with his own, personal, freely distributed brand of duh MOCK racy (humor that is often racy, mocking, and, well, duh lightful.)

In these hard economic times Craig shows Americans the value of saving money by having a robot, bunny, and other puppets as side kicks and even taped his show with a flashlight when the power went out.

Still if that isn’t sufficient reason, Mr. Fergusson’s antics have permeated the American culture to such an extent that, at a convention during a panel with Tiffany Grant and Chris Cason (both are voice actors and directors of various anime videos) at Kitsune Con in Appleton, Wisconsin (yes Craig’s humor has even penetrated Appleton, Wisconsin!) the panel was heavily salted with shouts of Craig’s rallying cry, “Balls!”

Even with all this the deciding factor was on Tuesday, May 17th, after I had oral surgury on my birthday and was sitting there in pain, wishing I were asleep or simply unconscious. Craig came on proclaiming it to be his birthday also and then proceded to keep me laughing for an hour in spite of my pain.

Really though, does Craig deserve to win the covetted Best Talk Show Host of 2010 award from the Weird Review? No! Of course not! Nobody deserves that title! He deserved the Peabody Award for his interview with Bishop Tutu. He is just stuck with the award from Weird Review because, bottom line, its my website and I can give the title to anyone I darn well please!

So congratulations or condolences to Craig Ferguson, the Weird Review Best Talk Show Host of 2010!

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Weird AKA John Collins

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