Prestidigitator Pop Haydn is Certifiable!

Just last night I saw the hilarious and clever prestidigitator, Pop Haydn in action at the World Steam Expo.  According to Pop’s business card he is a certifiable genius.  After seeing his show I would have to say that I am sure he is certifiable for many things, including Certifiably Hilarious!

His hilarious patter was taylored to the event and his interaction with the audience flowed effortlessly.  He performed some of the old greats such as the cut and restored rope (here he tosses one of the knots of the restored rope into the audience) and dollar with clever, steampunk props and storyline and kept the audience mesmerized when they weren’t laughing uproariously.

In my younger days I studied prestidigitation a bit and cherished my Abbots Magic Company catalog (about the size of medium sized city’s phone book!) and have done some of the wonders he performed, so I know (no, I am not going to tell you!) the workings of the illusions, yet Pop performed them so that even a knowledgeable and well trained eye with a high speed lens on a professional camera couldn’t penetrate his flawless execution (and believe me, I was watching closely and took lots of shots!)

I caught a pic of the flare as the torn dollar burst into flames and in the image there is an inverted ghost of the flare that looks as though the scrapped dollar is flying down to penetrate the lemon where it soon made its appearance.

After the show I had the chance to speak with Pop as he flew past and he gave me his business card.  Six times “Magician of the Year” at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  That is like saying best performer in Carnegie Hall for six years.  Once again I am in the presence of greatness at the World Steam Expo and asking how they do it.  Regardless, I am very glad they do!

By the way Pop, I really need some of that miracle oil you were selling from the Placebo Indians.  Can you send over a case?  🙂

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