World Towel Day Contest 2011 – and the winner is?

Zack is a student at Shawnee State University in Southern Ohio, currently on an internship for the summer.

He is a huge fan of the Guide and keeps a leather bound anthology with him and, of course, multiple towels in his dorm.

He discovered the Weird Review Towel Day Contest via the link on the official Towel Day website and submitted his photo for the contest.

I asked Zack about his Towel Day experience in Ohio and he reports the following:

“I woke up, left with my satchel including the towel and the Guide.

Some of my friends just didn’t even bother to question, while others gave me weird looks.

Most of those who gave the looks, I quickly asked where *their* towel was and why they didn’t have it.

My favorite reaction was a girl who was asking why I had it… Swimming?  Working Out? After saying no to her first few suggestions, she finally said… so what then.. is it some kind of Towel Day? I laughed, said yes, and then questioned her on the location of her towel.

Some even got the towel passage quoted to them.

My boss thought it was funny and told anyone that came in why exactly I had a towel.”

As mentioned in the contest, Mr. Adams wasn’t available to sign a copy of the guide so Zack is getting copies of volumes 1 and 2 of Buck Godot – Zap Gun for Hire signed by the Hugo Award winning author/artist team, Phil and Kaja Foglio, from Studio Foglio who I saw earlier today at the World Steam Expo 2011.

Check out their Hugo Award (2009 and 2010!) winning online comic, Girl Genius, its great!

Congratulations Zack!


A quick update after JAFAX…

No, Zack, I am not stalking Robert Axelrod!  LOL…

Robert and I are friends.

I just had dinner with him and other folks from JAFAX after the con was over and I mentioned you having your pic taken with the autographed pic I sent you.

He thought that was neat.

From Robert \”Lord Zedd\” Axelrod to Zack Ziegler

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  1. Congrats Zack!

  2. That Zack guy… he seems like one hoopy guy…

    Thanks to Weird Review for the awesome contest and to everyone else for knowing where their towel is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve some reading to do.

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