Coming Soon – Fear and Sex!

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting John Tenney from Paranormal States: The New Class and have picked his brain a time or two.  John has been researching paranormal phenomenon and writing about it online for years.  Recently I asked him a few thoughts on writing for online media and for is advice on my site. 

His advice was to focus on the quality of what I write (and, of course, the photos) to keep people interested in coming back, as well as to produce a sufficient quantity of articles to give them something to come back to.  Then more humorously he added, other than that you could just pander to the lowest common denominators, sex and fear, that always works. 

Changing the subject he then asked if I would be at Days of the Dead, an event that focuses on horror movies.  Horror movies are pretty much noted for sexy women and fear filled situations.  While I don’t intend to pandor to sex and fear, I do love a good scary movie now and again.  Sometimes I even enjoy a really, really bad scary movie!

The first weekend in July in Indianapolis, Indiana is shaping up to be a weekend full of scary movie awesomeness with lots of beautiful, sexy actresses and cool actors from some of the best (and some of the not so best) horror movies of the last 40+ years.

Brian Steele from Predators, Underworld, Terminator Salvation, Hellboy I and II, and Blade:Trinity will be there as will Derek Mears from Predators, Friday the 13th, and The Hills Have Eyes, Heather LangenKamp from A Nightmare on Elmstreet and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Gary Busey from Predator 2, Silver Bullet, Point Break, Gingerdead Man, etc, Jake Busey from The Frighteners and Starship Troopers, and one of my all time favorites, William Katt from House, Carrie, and Mirrors 2 (not to mention The Greatest American Hero, some Perry Mason movies and a lot of others!)

Oh yeah, John Tenney and the cast of Paranormal State: The New Class will also be there as well as Mike Holman from Jackass, Hellephone, Mountain Mafia, etc. will be there.  Chances are good, from past experience, Mike will also have a sexy lady or two in tow.

Special events include the Wicked Costume Showdown, An Evening with Roddy Piper (Roddy Piper doing stand up comedy?), the world premiere of I Am Nancy, the Nightmare On Elm Street Prop Museum, various vendors, panels, the Electric Angel book launch party, and a whole lot more!

So if you like sexy stars, horror flicks, horror books, special effects makeup, and fun costumes, check out the Days of the Dead site and be there in Indianapolis July 1-3.  To miss it would be very scary!

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