George Takei and Brent Spiner at Motor City Comic Con 2011!

Recently, during the Motor City Comic Convention, I had the pleasure to watch the Star Trek characters Brent Spiner and George Takei during their Star Trek panel.

While I realize some would argue that Brent Spiner and George Takei are not characters and that the characters are Data and Sulu.

For those who were there I have little doubt that they would agree that Brent Spiner and George Takei really are quite the characters apart from Data and Sulu.

When they were asked what were their favorite Star Trek episode their characters showed through.

Everyone had a chuckle when Mr. Spiner gave a very logical but a bit tongue in cheek answer, saying that he was particularly fond of those episodes that featured the character Data.

Certainly not to be outdone, Mr. Takei launched into a delightfully animated narative about his favorite episode.

According to the script he was supposed to appear on the scene, having gone off the deep end, wielding a samurai sword, reflecting his Japanese heritage.  He suggested to them that, while making sense in the current social/cultural context, when projected into the distant future where humans are descendents from earth in a galaxy of alien races, it made less sense to look at a weapon of Japanese culture than to look at one that was more universal on the earth like a fencing weapon.

They asked him if he knew how to fence and he told them he loved fencing, that it was his hobby and that he was an expert fencer.  They were convinced by his exhuberance and went with his idea.

From that conference on the script he left and got a Yellow Pages Phone Book and looked up a fencing studio and scheduled a crash course in fencing.

His instructor had worked with Errol Flynn and other greats and was able to teach him what he needed to get him through the episode.

Both actors have various projects going on that are well worth looking into.

Check out Brent Spiner’s Site for information on his Dreamland CD and his new web series Fresh Hell.

Check out George Takei’s site for information on ALLEGIANCE: A NEW MUSICAL, SUPAH NINJAS, and more.

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