The Bawdy Boys Entertain Their Way Through Tales, Toasts, and Timeless Tunes at the World Steam Expo!

Once again the Detroit based band, the Bawdy Boys, drank and sang their way through the Memorial Day Weekend at the World Steam Expo.

They describe their music as Folk/Celtic/Pirate and, I would add, drinking music, though they mainly drink between songs.  Of course, their music segues into toasts, humorous banter, jokes, and tales, which gives the members plenty of time to maintain sufficient moisture in their throats to move on to their next song.

They sing traditional Irish songs as well as more modern songs, and even Tom Leher’s Irish Ballad, but all with their own spin of bawdy naughtiness.

Their music isn’t for those of sensitive ears, at least not ones sensitive to profanity or perversion, as such songs as FUID are abreviations (F— You I’m Drunk, F— You I’m Drunk. Pour my beer down the sink, I’ve got more in my trunk…) and they don’t use the abreviations when they sing.

On the other hand, their music is as infectious as the men and women they sing about and the listener is hard pressed to refrain from joining in. Check out their facebook page to hear some of their music and then catch them live and tell them I sent you. I am sure they will toast to that! (Especially if you are buying, but, unless you’re rich, don’t get stuck with the tab!  😉 )

For more photos of the Bawdy Boys at the World Steam Expo,  check out the Weird Review Bawdy Boys Album.

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