Colossal Con 2011 at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio – Great Con, Amazing Venue!

Its Saturday afternoon at Colossal Con in Sandusky, Ohio and it is a beautiful day.

I heard earlier that there was a Pokemon Battle of some sort outside and went looking for it but never found it.  In the process I saw lots of Full Metal Alchemist characters and others in photoshoots and got an idea of the scope of this place.

The venue for Colossal Con is pretty amazing.  I ended up getting lost and managed to get back in on the back side of the con center through the water park.  There are multiple waterslides that run in and out of the walls of the convention center and inside there are all sorts of wading and swimming pools for the kids to play on.

Wandering on I found my way to the center courtyard area where there were more pools for swimming and wading and there were towers with zip line cables strung between them and people were flying overhead.

It was beautiful out but hot so it was nice when I wandered back in and found myself in the middle of an arcade with a mini golf center.

I found someone and asked for directions as I had wanted to catch a couple panels and time was pressing.  A few minutes later I arrived back in the convention center having wandered the other areas lost but enjoying myself in the entertainment area.  Oddly enough there were a lot of people out in the pool areas but not as many as I would have expected but when I got back to the the convention center it was still packed.

After popping my head into a couple panels and downloading some photos (being processed as I type this) I wandered into the main event hall.  I will shamelessly admit that I thought the topic of the event sounded rather lame – Ask an Anime Character – but I can be sooooo judgemental when I am hot and tired.

When you have a half dozen wonderful voice actors who each do numerous voices on the back side of a curtain and the audience asking questions of the character, well, it can get pretty funny.  Audience members would direct their question to a specific character, such as Squirtle, and they would put the character’s picture up on a screen and the voice actor would then  respond in the appropriate voice.

Oh yeah, did I mention some of the guests they have hear?  They have some of the biggest voice actors in the  industry, oh, and Vic Mignonga too (sorry Mr. Elric, you will be big one day I’m sure!)

There were, of course, Edward Elric short jokes as well as support for short people aimed at Vic Mignonga.  Italy’s Todd Haberkorn delighted the audience with his love of “PASTA!” and other commentary.  I believe that Squirtle and other Pokemon Character’s came to us via Lisa Ortiz.  The soft, dark tones of Sebastion came via J Michael Tatum.  There were plenty of others flying around but I couldn’t honestly keep track nor could I always keep my camera steady as I was cracking up.  I didn’t feel too bad about that though as there was a lot of that going on in the audience and a bit of it behind the curtain.

As I write this they are now setting up for the cosplay and it is a beautiful auditorium for it with very good lighting so this should be fun.  Colossal Con has great guests, cosplayers crowding the halls, what looks to be shaping up to be a great masquerade, in a beautiful convention center with a huge water park.  A wonderful combination on a hot summer weekend.    All in all, Colossal Con is a hit!  So grab your swimsuit, cosplay gear and hop in your car and join in with a few thousand of your soon to be best friends in Sandusky, Ohio!

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  1. It was pretty amazing!

  2. The setting of this con reminds me of that movie Blank Check where he gets like anything he’s ever wanted (including the arcade and water slides)

    Looks like a great time and a wonderful prequel to E3.

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