An Interview with Pop Haydn and Nancy at the World Steam Expo

You can’t miss the talent of a virtuoso.  If you heard James Earl Jones ordering a burger over the speaker at a drive through or saw a ballerina gracefully sit down on the floor with a plate of food at a potluck you couldn’t miss the beauty and grace.  The same goes for Pop.  He performs the classic illusions with the fluidity and grace of a ballet dancer and the voice and manner of an award winning actor.

While I watched Pop doing close up illusions at the World Steam Expo I chatted with his lovely wife Nancy and learned about Pop’s roots.  Later I dragged them screaming and kicking into a private room and made them retell some of their stories.  Truth to tell though, I was nervous as I have a face for radio and a voice for the silent era so please be patient with this, my first attempt at an interview for the site.

Youtube rejects anything over 15 minutes so it is broken down into two parts with the first part being more his childhood and beyond and the second part includes a couple questions to Nancy, advice to the lovelorn and other fun.

For more about Pop and his performance at the World Steam Expo, check out my previous article on Pop. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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