Weird Review’s Marcel Marceau Voice Actor of the Year 2010 Award – Robert Axelrod!

What do Marcel Marceau and Robert Axelrod have in common?  Irony.

Marcel Marceau is the greatest mime that ever lived.  He started miming during World War II as a member of the resistance in France.  He did it for kids who were destined for the concentration camps in order to keep them quiet as he helped them escape to Switzerland.  Among other roles, he had the only speaking part in the Mel Brooks movie Silent Movie.  Ironically, Robert, a well known voice actor, mimed the role of the homeless man in Michael Jackson’s video Stranger in Moscow.

I have had the opportunity to meet Robert Axelrod a few times at anime conventions and more than being a top notch voice actor, Robert is a kind, sweet gentleman.  The third time I met him at the end of 2010 was at the MewCon 3 (Manga and Exotic Worlds) convention in Portland, Oregon where he put up with me over the 2010/2011 New Year’s weekend.

Robert is a man of diverse talents with decades of experience in voice acting, stage acting, writing, directing, music, and many others.

He is best known for playing the voices of Lord Zedd, Finster, and Lokar in the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series.

More on Robert Later as our paths are set to cross next weekend, June 17, 18, and 19 at QC Anime-ZING! in Davenport, Iowa.  So if you are in the area or within a couple states (I will be coming from Michigan!) make sure you stop by and shake hands with Robert at QC Anime-ZING!

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