Letter to Winter – Beautiful!


I will make this short and sweet as I was about to shut down for the night when I checked my messages and this seemed worth mentioning.

I had planned to write my next music article on the band Clockwork Dolls but I think Allison will forgive me as this young woman’s music reminds me of the Clockwork Dolls.

I just watched a Youtube video sent to me by a teenage singer named Bernice Chitiul in Romania.  She started song writing at the age of 7 and was a full fledged song writer by the age of 10.

Her voice and the music are beautiful, the cinematography is smooth with nice special effects, and she is also very lovely and a graceful dancer.

For the Vampire fans, I should also mention she is from Bistrita, the capital city of Transylvania, Romania.

I hope you also enjoy her video!

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