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I arrived in the Quad Cities last night after a nice seven hour drive that included an extra couple hours of road construction in the Chicago area (they were still working well after 10 p.m.!)  The weather is partly cloudy, warm, and altogether beautiful and the weekend promises to be highly entertaining!  Here, just across the river from my hotel (I am staying near the QC Airport as I got a good deal 🙂 Ryan Kopf and the other fine folks from QC Anime-ZING! are getting ready for the show to start.

Guests this weekend include Robert (Lord Zedd) Axelrod and Johnny (Adam Park – The Black Ranger) Yong Bosch from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Johnny’s band Eyeshine, Sonny (Krillin) Strait from Dragonball Z, Russell Lissau (writer on The BATMAN STRIKES!, The 29, Shrek, Greedy, and other titles, webcomic creator/writer/artist of The Temple of a Thousand Tears, Trevor Meuller, and to top it off, Samurai Dan & Jillian will be presenting their humorous history, martial mayhem, and combat comedy panels (the information is good, the martial arts are real, and their panels are a fun and funny time!)

Upcoming highlights for today include Johnny Yong Bosh doing a presentation just after the opening ceremony.  Followed by No Sword?  No Problem!  With Samurai Dan and Jillian.  Later Robert Axelrod will be talking about the Ins and Outs of Writing for Anime while Russell Lissau and Trevor Mueller will be giving info on Breaking Into Comics.  Just before the Formal Ball Lessons with Jessie Eckles and partners (Probably April Choi and other lovely ladies!)

When you can squeeze in the time there are some great vendors and artists including Jake Rueth of Cube Crazy 2 (and designer of my logo!), plus gaming and videos and more!

For more on the happenings at QC Anime-ZING! check out their schedule!  Better yet, just come on down to the River Center in Davenport, Iowa and join in the fun!

(Also of interest, I heard over breakfast at my hotel that the Blue Angels are in town for an air show!  I gave them my card and asked them to shoot me an email with more info.  So, if you hear any sonic booms, look up and you will know who to blame!)

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  1. Krillin… heh… poor guy… Though Sonny’s actually a great voice actor and voiced Splosion Man. Pick that up if you never have…

    I’ll be down here in Ohio so enjoy the weekend at Anime-ZING!

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