The Anime-ZING! Cosplay Intermission – A Spontaneous Dance Sensation!

The Anime-ZING! Masquerade Intermission seemed doomed to be a boring time of waiting for the Judges to return with their verdict when Ryan Kopf said he really didn’t have anything planned for it.

The he shouted, “So, let’s dance!” and people started popping up onto the stage and a dance broke out. It was surprisingly very entertaining for what appeared to be an unplanned intermission show.

Audience members were jumping onto the stage and danced with an exuberance and each with a style and moves of their own.

Enjoy the following video clip of the intermission dance and note the man in the bright red, floppy hat and suit at the end is Mr. Ryan Kopf, himself!

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Weird AKA John Collins

John N. Collins is a writer, photographer, game & coloring book designer and a bad dancer. Any resemblance to the King John character is merely a coincidence. Follow John N. Collins: YouTube Facebook Fan Page Facebook Personal Account Instagram Twitter