Eyeshine Concerts at Anime-ZING!

Johnny Yong Bosch and his band, Eyeshine performed Concerts at Anime-ZING! in Davenport, Iowa this past weekend.

Eyeshine is an energetic and powerful group of skilled musicians with an edgy feel.

The band members are Johnny Yong Bosch (guitar and vocals), Maurice Salmin (drums), Crystal Mesina (bass), and Daniel Lee (lead guitar.)

Saturday night they rocked the house and Sunday morning they did an acoustic concert with Maurice playing the roll of duct tape on the top of a large wooden box (see below for the last song from each concert!)

Eyeshine is in a contest so go and “like” them to vote for them   -and while you’re at it, go and find them under the “E” section and like them here too!

For more information about Eyeshine check out the official Eyeshine site.

In the meantime, here’s a video of their last song at the Anime-ZING! concert (shot freehand – no tripod – with the on camera mic.)


And here is the last song from the Sunday acoustic concert.


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  1. Regardless dude, considering it wasn’t a planned thing its still pretty good…

  2. LOL Well, I hadn’t intended to do any video of their concerts but it was a last minute thing. They didn’t mind so I recorded/posted the last song from each concert. If I had planned to do them I would have had my tripod or at least my monopod. I think I am going to start carrying my monopod. 😛 Thanks for the compliment!

  3. good videos, both of them! wish you could have gotten the video for acoustic Alone, though. that’s my absolute favorite song >w<

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