I loved the movie “Angels in the Outfield” and a while back I heard a sermon where the preacher read a quote that said, “… entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  When I travel I like the thought that there might be angels watching out for me and sometimes wonder what they might look like.

During the Anime Idol at Katsu Con 2011, there was, indeed, an angel in the audience and she is Angel Pan from Shanghai, China.  As I was was skulking around the Judges stand shooting pics I happened to notice that a young lady had scooted up to the front and was swaying to the music as she took a video of the performer, Gloria Guo.  I had to smile at the sweet scene and snapped her picture.  Later, when her friend Gloria won the contest, I had the opportunity to briefly chat with them.

Gloria just turned 18 last November and is from Guangzhou (Canton), China.  Gloria has had no formal music training or voice lessons other than what she got in elementary school music and from singing in choirs and listening to/singing with J-Pop and K-Pop music (Japanese and Korean Popular Music.)  When I asked who her favorite singer was, Gloria said, “I like Avril Lavigne because I think she is a excellent rock singer.”  Her favorite anime?  Inuyasha, Prince of Tennis, and Black Butler.

For the future, Gloria is thinking about a career in music or maybe translating as she loves music and languages.

Oh, and the prize for winning the competition?  A guitar from their judges – Lemon Drop Kick – that was used in their concerts.


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