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Earlier this year I met Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore at C2E2 creators of FOOTPRINTS and threw in a little support for them on Kick Starter.  Recently I noticed on twitter that I was being followed by Jesse Barack and had to check out who he was.  He is an award winning Writer/Director/Producer and currently is working on a movie called Polypore.

The one sentence synopsis of the flick from their site is, “A young man gains telepathy and hunts the planet for answers, discovering a corporate scheme at the source.”  So Sci Fi/Fantasy but with the added benefit of having Lloyd Kaufman somewhere in the mix.

It sounds like an interesting Independent  Movie and they are currently looking for support to pay for entry in ten film festivals via Kickstarter.  For $25 you get your name listed in the credits of the movie under “Special Thanks.”  There are more goodies with increasing levels of support and for only $1,000 you can be listed as an Executive Producer in the movie’s credits.

It seems to me this would be a fun gift for a Sci Fi, Horror, or Lloyd Kaufman fan or a good way to put your business name on something artistic and that will add to the film/arts community.

A few years back I remember seeing that a company was taking on the order of $50 a pop to have a star “named” after you.  You would get a lovely certificate and the knowledge that that star had been named for you in the corporate database of that company (though the international scientific community certainly wouldn’t recognize the title.)  I really like the Kickstarter concept in that it lets folks give a unique gift while giving back to the artistic community at the same time.  It certainly seemed worth the $25 to get my site mentioned in the credits and from the trailer, the film does look interesting.

So check out Jesse Barack and Polypore and Kickstarter and if you like it too, chip in and get your name added to the credits too!

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