Coming Soon! July 16th and 17th – The Civil War Muster at Charlton Park – Hastings, Michigan!

Last year I had the pleasure of attending my first Civil War Muster at Charlton Park in Hastings, Michigan.  It was an amazing event with beautiful women in Victorian era dresses, men and children in similar attire, as well as hundreds in Northern and Southern military attire.

Guns and canons blazed while men shouted out war cries and charged their opponents with weapons ready.

There were also demonstrations of smithing, woodworking, a fashion show, and other educational features.

After the big battle I toured the area where the non-combatants make camp and vend their wares and they really do vend real as well as mocked up Civil War era gear and garb.

Later I checked out the smaller camp to the South and found folks relaxing under tarps and around the fire (except for one gentleman who was being ministered to by a lovely lady.  War wounds I am sure!)

I moved on to the camp to the North and was stopped by a guard.  He called other soldiers to attend to him while he nearly pinned me to the ground with his bayonet!  They took me for a spy though I am merely a wandering journalistic photographer.  I can understand their concern though as I was carrying a Canon (It was a good thing I was carrying my Canon 7D and not my backup camera as they would have surly strung me up had I brought a Rebel into the camp!)

It was an amazing event and I had never seen such a gathering of amazing, Civil War era costumes, canons, and other carryings on.  If you are in the area next week, definitely catch it.  My schedule has me in Chicago but I will most likely leave in the middle of the night and catch the Sunday portion of the event.  See you there and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video slideshow I put together with photos I took last last year and music (used with permission, of course!) by the amazing, lovely, and talented band, The Clockwork Dolls!

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