Glass City Anime Con 2011 – Day One

When I was planning my schedule a while back I had a couple different possibilities for this weekend and hadn’t decided where I would be going until just recently.  Earlier this evening in one of the panels I sat in on, a few of the folks were talking about Glass City Anime Con and one of them was saying that some con goers would look at Glass City, a free con at a community college just south of Toledo, Ohio, and figure that it really cant be worth going to.  I am happy to say that I didn’t make that mistake.  It may have been partly due to having attended another great, free college con – JAFAX – recently that made me look further than the basics.

When I looked at the guest list and found that Robert Axelrod was going to be here I thought that was great though this is the third time I have seen him in the past month so but it was a good start.  Tiffany Grant was a nice bonus as she is a fantastic speaker but I had never seen her husband and the both together made it almost mandatory as I have heard a lot about him.  Toss in Doug Smith doing a panel with them on Golden Boy made it irresistible.

Toss in my favorite cosplay team – And Sewing Is Half The Battle – is just icing on the cake, and I assure you, at Glass City Anime Con 2011, the cake is no lie!  In one of the panels, while the speaker was presenting her subject, her husband walked in with birthday cake (with the whip creamy icing even!)

As I have been sitting in my hotel room working on my photos from today, I have been thinking over some of its highlights.

Tiffany Grant was on three of the panels I sat in on today.  The first Tiffany Grant panel was with Tiffany and Robert.  The second was the Golden Boy Panel with Tiffany, Matt (her husband) and Doug Smith (Mr. Golden Boy himself!)  The final panel I attended was on the very first anime that Matt and Tiffany did which, suffice it to say, was definitely not Hello Kitty!  In the past I have also seen Tiffany on other group panels with notables including Chris Cason and Vic Mignogna.  Almost invariably (today was no exception!) the other panelist mostly spend their time listening or laughing and as fascinated by Tiffany as the audience.  Without a doubt Tiffany is cute (even her T-shirt says so!) but I have seen other panels with attractive women and they don’t have the mystic super powers that Tiffany has.  So far the only panel member that has been immune to her mystic charms is Vic Mignogna.  Whatever it is, I am not complaining, even though I realized that at the end of her last panel I had forgotten to take any photos and had to ask her and Matt to pose for me.

Speaking of attractive panelist, And Sewing Is Half The Battle had multiple panels today.  Their panels included Cosplay Presentation, Posing & Performance, a post masquerade Cosplay Wrap-Up, and Makeup for Costuming, Wigs for Costuming and an Open Cosplay Panel.  Their panels are a wealth of information and advice for Cosplayers from the point of view of folks that have done it all.  They gave great advice on cosplaying including such difficult topics as how to go back stage to pick up a prop without ever showing your backside to the audience, and makeup uses (as well as cautioning their audience on reading the lables as some of the cheap, dollar store makeup/lipstick actually has lead in it!)  In addition to being panelists on Cosplay at Glass City, the ladies were also judges for the Masquerade.  Over the past couple years I have seen the ladies, Mark and sometimes Michelle, as Judges, MCs, Panelists, and, of course, Cosplay contestants invariably scoring in the top two in their category when I have seen them compete.  During their Cosplay Presentation, Posing, and Performance panel Mark was quiet and almost solemn during most of the presentation.  Later after the panel I saw him smiling away and had to investigate further.  He was sitting there smiling, almost enraptured in the glow of his laptop.  I rudely had a peek at what had him so mesmerized.  It was an Excel spreadsheet.  Later I saw him again smiling into the screen of his smart phone.  It would be easy to conclude that Mark is a techno-holic but as I pondered his years of exposure to the charming ladies of his cosplay group, I concluded that he is in much the same position as one who lives in a rose garden.  Why stop and smell the flowers when you are surrounded by flowers?

Glass City Anime Con 2011 had a great masquerade with some fun skits, great costumes, and while the judges deliberated, the Fuku’s had a secondary costume contest by running out into the audience and grabbing three contestants each to compete as a team of sorts.  I can’t say I fully understood it, but it kept me smiling and distracted while waiting for the judges to return.


Later, during the rave or un-rave (due to technical difficulties they couldn’t turn the lights down in the main room and so had the dance in full light!) a group of attendees played a game called Ninja where they would go around the circle and each take turns at making a Ninja attack on the player to their left.  The circle became smaller and tighter as players were eliminated.  I watched at least three sets of the game from start to finish and I have yet to figure out the rules.

Even with all I have mentioned there were still many more panels and events that I haven’t touched including the Year 200X concert (video on that later!)  The photos from the masquerade are now done processing so I am going to upload them and close for the night and just say that, all in all, Glass City is a great con and if you are in the area, Don’t miss it!  If you must miss it, take a few minutes to check over the photos from today.

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