Ninjas at Glass City Anime Con 2011!

Up until this weekend I had never seen the game “Ninja” played or even heard of it as a party activity.

When they couldn’t get the lights turned down during the rave on the Owens Community College campus a game of Ninja broke out.

From what I gather the participants gather in a circle and the starting player swings a hand at one of the hands of the player to their left.  The defensive player may react to the attack by pulling their hand away.

The attack and defense are to be single, fluid motions and when the players stop moving they are to remain in the same position until they are attacked or it is their turn to attack.

When a player’s hand is struck by their attacker, they are eliminated from the game.

The game starts spread out and slower, but as it goes on the play get tighter and faster.

And in the end, there could only be one.

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