Unraveled! – The dance at Glass City Anime Con 2011

Usually a rave is characterized by lots of people with glow in the dark paraphanalia dancing in the dark with strobes of various colors and shapes flashing and music blazing away.

At Glass City Anime Con 2011 they were presented with an on problem.  Nobody could figure out how to turn some of the lights out in the main auditorium.

So I have to call their dance an “unrave” as it really wasn’t a rave, but much as the uncola is a good thing, so was the unrave.

On one side of the room folks were playing “Ninja” while on the other side a couple young ladies were spinning lights on the end of rope and all around folks were chatting and having a good time.

As for the dancing?  Well, it iwas rather strange.  People would randomly start dancing by themselves then stop again for no apparent reason.

It would have bee much more “Ravelike” had the lights been dimmed down but everyone was having fun.

Since I shot the different snippets of video in different places and over time, none of the audio matched so I dropped the audio and replaced it with a song by the Portland, Oregon band The Slants (with their permission, of course!)

I met The Slants at Anime Saint Louis 2011.  For more on The Slants read the article I wrote – http://e3p.e3f.mywebsitetransfer.com/2011/06/02/slants/ – listen to more of their music, and follow the links to their site and more goodies.

In the meantime, enjoy their song Kokoro and the video from the unrave!

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