Aleph – A Gamer Geeks Dream Come True!


I remember a line from a song from years gone by that said, “…carve my initials in a video game.”

For those who don’t compete in gaming tournaments, but just pop a quarter into a machine or a disk into a computer or gaming system, the ultimate reward after beating the game is to type your initials or name into the game and then see them listed in the High Scores.

I used to enjoy typing my initials (or the initials of the particular female who had caught my eye at that moment) into the game.  Though usually when I would come back later the High Scores would have “DIE” from Highest to Lowest and I would know my friend Dave had come by and played.

I ran across the game Aleph on Kickstarter and it looks great. Since finding the Aleph Kickstarter I have exchanged a few messages with its creator, Jesse.  For a very limited time on Kickstarter (expires Thursday so the sand is almost at the bottom and time is running out!) there is a special deal going.  For contributing $5 towards the development of the game you will get your name somewhere in the game (most likely on a tombstone but I suggested carved into a tree and Jesse thought that could work.)  For $20 you get your name in the game as well as a digital copy of the game when Jesse is finished.  For $35 you can also design a magic item for use in the game as well as your name somewhere in the game and in the credits.  The premiums go up with the contributions.  For only $175 you can be a recruitable character in the game, er, well, could’ve but that is sold out.  He is limiting how much he will do but for those limited people who contribute he is giving some amazing premiums!

Usually with Kickstarter you sign up with a pledge that will be charged if they get the target amount of pledges, but you don’t know if it will happen until the pledges are all in.  With Aleph he estimated he needed a minimum of $1,800 to finish but he is already at $7,300 so it looks like a no brainer.

I put $35 into it because I wanted more than a listing in the credits and my name on something.  A magic item sounded cool plus I get a copy of the game and my name in the credits.  I figure it will be good advertising for my site, but the $5 would certainly be enough for that!  (It really does look cool and I want to play it too!)

So check out the game graphics below and then see Jesse’s Aleph Kickstarter for more info and if you sign on, tell Jesse you heard about it on Weird Review!

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