Whip Crackin’ with Dave Melcher at the World Steam Expo 2011

At the World Steam Expo Dave Melcher of Ring of Steel and Waters Edge Whips ran a panel called The Art of the Whip!  Among his many talents, Dave is a fire artist, an actor, a martial artist, a whip master, and an instructor.  His panel was a wonderful and dazzling dislay, or that is what the panel guide said.  From everything I heard though, it was fantastic, but, unfortunately I missed it with everything else that was going on.  Fortunately I ran into Dave as he was about to go outside and work a bit with a fellow that was buying a whip.

Dave gave him some basic instruction and guidance as he practiced and when he was done, Dave did some demonstations for me.  He is adept at using both one and two whips at a time and I felt safe even as he aimed his whip at me while I did shot the following video and photos.

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