Animayhem, Civil War, and Anomalies in the Space-Time Continuum

This was one of those crazy weekends where I am looking back and wondering what happened.  For starters, the convention chairman (con chair) of a new Anime Convention – Anime Midwest – hornswoggled me into agreeing to doing photo shoots for the convention for 7.5 hours.  Due to last minute schedule changes, traffic conditions, and such, I arrived just in time to hear I missed the concert for the weekend.  After settling in I went to the rave for awhile and shot some photos and video and worked on editing them before heading to bed.

On my lunch break from the photo shoots I slipped away and shot some pics at the Samurai Dan and Jillian panel where they were demonstrating the use of Samuria swords.  While Samurai Dan and Jillian educate and entertain their audiences with sharp, pointy weapons, it is usually their sharp wit that leaves their audiences in stitches.  They were just finishing up their panel when I arrived so I shot the last few minutes and then went on to catch a few minutes of the Micah Solusod Q and A panel.

Micah is a voice actor with Funimation and plays Soul Eater Evans among other characters.  Soul Eater is a weird, fun series where there are baddies that will turn super bad if they aren’t taken out in time and some of the characters fight the baddies while others turn into weapons for the fighters to use.  Micah’s characters is one of the weapons.   On Micah’s official site it says, “Years ago, on an island across the sea, an Asian boy with a ponytail wished that he could bring his love for acting and interest in anime together. His wishing came to an end when he moved to Texas to pursue a career in voice acting. In late 2009, he, whom we will refer to as Micah, debuted in Blassreiter as Malek Werner. Since then, Micah has gone on to do other things, some of which were more voice acting. He enjoys the simple things in life and has a very short attention sp”

From my personal observations of Micah, “interest in anime” is putting it mildly, and regarding a short attention span, really I am more inclined to say that Micah lives a BESM (Big Eyes, Small Mouth – a term used to describe Manga/Anime art) lifestyle.  Not to say that Micah’s eyes are overly large and his mouth is undersized, but if they were sized proportionate to their use, they might be.  From what I have seen of Micah, he loves to explore, to observe, and to listen.  While he is more than capable of keeping his audience attentative and entertained, if there is more than one person on the panel as likely as not he will be soaking up what they have to say as he already knows his own stories and loves to hear what other voice actors have to say.  Micah definitely loves anime and anime related topics and can be seen at cons attending panels and events just for fun.  As far as a short attention span?  Well, I don’t suppose he could be too offended if I agreed with what is written on his site.  I don’t think he’s so bad that he would be lost if he were to walk into a tinsel warehouse packed full of multi-colored, shiny tinsel all over the place but it might be fun to watch and find out!  Speaking of watching, while I sat in on his Q & A panel I recorded about 10 minutes of video which I here for Micah Solusod fans to watch.

In the evening, I shot photos and video of the Masquerade as well as video of voice actors Ellen McLain and her husband, John Patrick Lowrie, performing songs from the Portal video game series and Fanservice Renji rapping about Cosplay which are coming soon (the 9.5 minute Fanservice Renji video has been rendering since last night.  I really need a new laptop!)

Late Saturday night (ok, early or so Sunday morning) I hopped into my car and headed back to Michigan so I could catch the Civil War Muster at Charlton Park in Hastings, Michigan.  Truth to tell it was about 4 a.m. Michigan time when I stopped at a gas station to get a couple bottles of Diet Mountain Dew to fuel my drive.  I hopped into the car and took a few sips of the Dew and encountered a space-time anomaly.  In the blink of any eye my ice cold Mountain Dew was warm and the clock was showing 10 a.m.  Some might suggest it was an alien abduction and my back and lower posterior were sore, so that could also fit, but I am sticking with the space-time anomaly (John Tenney would probably suggest I fell asleep but he is such a cynic!)

I grabbed another Dew and hit the toll road back to Michigan.  Arrived at Charlton Park at 2:50 p.m. and excited at the prospect of seeing some of the wonderful Civil War reenactors I had met last year.  I pulled up to the gatehouse and reached in my pocket for the $5 I had kept for just this moment.  When I pulled out three ones I realized that I had used the five dollar bill on the toll road on the way back.  I had additional change totaling up to $4.93 from my ash tray and the woman at the gate had me pull over behind the gatehouse while I searched under the seat, under the carpet, etc. for for the additional seven cents.  I told her I could borrow seven cents from a friend and pay it once I got in there but apparently I look pretty shady as she wasn’t having it.  I love irony and I was chuckling at the thought of being turned away for seven cents after leaving the convention in Chicago early to get there, but after fifteen minutes a park employee came by and said he would pay the seven cents for me and I was admitted in time to catch the marching of soldiers heading in to their rallying point.

As I conclude this little summary of my weekend I should note for the Civil War era fans that while I this is the first of a series of three articles I wrote mentioning the Civil War Muster, there was another space-time anomally and the other two, complete with video, are also posted.  Additionally, if you are a fan of the Civil War era, check out other related items I have written about including The World Steam Expo, Pop Haydn, and the Kalamazoo Living History Show.  All are great fun events!

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