The Civil War Comes to Charlton Park!

On July 16th and 17th, as foretold in a recent article on, the drama and terror of the Civil War spilled over into Charlton Park.  Soldiers, Canons, and lovely ladies in Civil War era acoutrements engaged in the Battle for Brandy Station.  Union Soldiers marched into the town looking for a deserter.  They were met by the mayor who insisted they leave his town alone, but the commander of the invading units demanded they assist him in finding their AWOL soldier and vowing to loot and pillage if they failed to assist.

The drunken solder was found in the tavern and brought out into the village green where, to the shock of the ladies present, he was shot and killed without mercy.  True to his word, the commander ordered the village looted and pillaged.  One brave lady ran while her home was being looted to warn the children to hide.  Unfortunately she was too late and the children were already being shepherded in mass into the village green.  A few, brave Confederate horsemen made a bold effort to hold off the Yanks while their foot soldiers made their way to the village.  They held them off long enough to allow the children to get off the battle field and then their compatriots arrived.

It was a quick but bloody battle and the Union outnumbered them four to one.  Sadly the invading Union Army left their bloody tracks on the bodies of men, women, and children as they carried away the hard earned treasures of the villages men, women, and children.

Yesterday, our war correspondent shot documentary footage of the sad event as well as photos.  The video documentary was set to the music  Impartial by the Clockwork Dolls.  More to come as our correspondent did an interview after the battle with a few brave soldiers from the South.

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