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Over the past few days I have had the honor of reading over a new book of short, horror stories recently released by Post Mortem Press. The book is DETROIT MACABRE by Joseph Williams and, as the title implies, features Detroit, Michigan as a focal point of most of the stories.

Williams stories vary in a smorgasbord of themes and styles running from suspense to gore with a variety of characters including zombies, demons, murderers, victims, and just plain, nasty people and you can’t always tell who is who until you read the last line.

At times his writing is reminiscent of Poe or O. Henry, and at others, of more modern writers of gore.

His stories are interesting yet dissonant as one might expect of the genre. A couple slipped past me and in the last sentence or two I thought, “Oh, I wasn’t expecting that!” One left me wondering the why of all that happened leaving me feeling unresolved yet with the story having a full resolution.

I find an answer, or perhaps just a rebuff to my criticism in one of my favorite of the stories, THE ART OF DOUGLAS WINCHESTER HOLLOWAY.

The central character is having an internal dialog as he contemplates his relationship with his current girlfriend.

“I was tired of people trying to figure me out. I guess that’s why she loved mysteries and I loved horror when it came to books or movies. She needed everything to be worked out in the end. Everything had to have a rational explanation, even if it was a bad one. I knew well enough from living that sometimes the world had no good reason to be awful. It just was. Sometimes, murderers aren’t found, rapists roam the streets, and children die of cancer at the ripe age of five. Looking for meaning in any of it is as much a waste of time as arguing evil doesn’t exist. I was ready to accept a degree of ignorance in my life, a degree of helplessness and injustice. She wasn’t. I just wanted her to accept I was strange and move on, like you would with a good horror movie.”

So, if you are a horror fan who likes to pick your poison, how about savoring the flavor of a Bloody Mary with a dash of assault and a twist of O. Henry?

So where can you get this mischievous masterpiece?  The best and quickest way to do so is via purchase and download direct from the  Post Mortem Press website.

It is also available for purchase via Kindle, Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, EVERYbody Reads in Lansing, the Borders in Novi, and Leopold’s Bookstore in Detroit and will also be at The Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro in Northville starting August 5th.

Finally, there is one, last place I should mention the book is available.  To celebrate the posting of this, the one hundredth article I posted since I revamped this site and posted my first article in February, I will be giving away a code for a free download of the book from Post Mortem Pres.  If you want to be in on this comment on this article that you want the book download code and I will one random winner to receive the code on Friday, July 29th 2011.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. You’re welcome Terence! (Terence plays the hero with Super Speed in the online show Suburban Heroes which is based out of Detroit!

  2. Detroit? Horror? These are 2 of my favorite things! Thanks for bringing some cool local book readin’ to my attention.

  3. ‘ 3’ That sounds like a good read! Put me in the que to get it, too! :3

  4. Wow! This sounds great. I used to read Poe when I was younger, so would be interesting to compare this author to Poe. I would love to have this.

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